Measurements from an Old Journal                                    

         Oct. 15, 2004    39 1/2 in.
         Nov 15, 2004    39 3/4 in.

        These are measurements that I found in an old journal of mine. It doesn't seem that I had
        much growth during this month. Perhaps I had gotten a trim in between time and didn't
        record it, I can only hope.

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                                                   Current Hair Journal              

     March 2007              
       Got a 6 inch trim, but I didn't measure  my hair length.
   May 1, 2007  35"
   June 1 st        36"
   July 1 st        37"
   July  10th
                Started using coconut oil, and my hair loved it!
                 MIssing measurments:(

    Nov. 1 st   
               Began using Aubrey Organics White Camilia Oil conditioner as a leave in.
leaves my hair very silky soft and smooth. I also started adding it to JJJs leave in 
spray recipe. I would spray my hair several times though out the day to         
        combat that static and dryness caused by the cold winter air.   

   Nov. 9            39"
   Dec 24     
              Got a micro-trim...about 1/4"

   Jan 10 2008    40 1/2 in.

   Feb 09 2008    40 3/4 in.
                Not the growth that I hoped for. I shouldn't have stopped taking my vitamins.

   Feb 11 2008
                Began taking "Ultra Hair Plus" vitamins again.

  Mar. 08 2008    42"   Yeah!! Looks like the vitamins helped!

   Apr. 09            42 1/2"

   Apr. 11            Got a 1/2" back to 42" :( Oh well, I suppose
                          I need it every once in awhile to keep my ends
                          thick and healthy.
    June            1/2" trim

  July. 12 2008    44 1/4"

  Dec.     2008     1" trim

  Jan. 21 2009   46"

  Jan. 30 2009      Trim aprrox. 2"  It was hard to do it, but my ends needed it.
                           I'm Still fighting damage from the well water

                           we had at our last residence.

 March ? 2009    47"
                                             I don't remmember exactly what day it was, but this was my measurment from last   
 March 22 09      Trimmed approx. 2"                                                
                                               I struggled with the thought of doing this again, but in the end, my love of having 
 thick, healthy ends always wins. I can't seem to get over the fear of looking in the 
                                   mirror one day and seeing thin, whispy ends! So once I see even a hint of a slight 

  taper I start reaching for the scissors.
 July 18 09         48 1/2 
April 27 2010        Well it has been awhile scince I have been on here, but it is good to be able to
                                come on here and look back on my hair's progressions and milestones from
                                recent years. 
                                  I have been so busy for the past several months that I was forced to take a break from
                                focusing on the growth of my hair. I recently had a baby and unfortunately the pregnancy took a 
                                toll on my hair's health, it was nearly impossible to care for. So therefor I felt it would be best to 
                                cut away some of the damage and start fresh from classic once again. I am not quite sure of my     
                                current measurement but I imagine that I'm probably back in 30s. Its not short by any means 
                                but after having my hair reach to just above my knees around this past Christmas it leaves me  
                                debating on rather or not I would even care to try and grow past thigh length again. I guess only time 
                                will tell and I will do my best to continue to track the progress here once again.