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 I have spent so much time and money trying to find the perfect hair care products. Finally I have decided that there is no one "perfect"combination.I do, for the most part, try to use more natural hair care products.
                    Note to reader: I do not claim in any way to be a professional  hair care expert.
                                                                         The hair care tips below are simply  what is proven to work for ME.


 Hair Products

* I am currently using Giovanni Organic Shampoo and Conditioner, and where I am not thrilled

   that it does contains Cetyl Alcahol, it seems that it contains alot less chemicals (including SLS) than  
  most other brands on the market. After shampoo and conditioner I like to rinse with a mixture of Apple 

   Cider Vinegar and water (approx. 100 to 600ml. ratio) it is a great conditioner for MY hair. It leaves it 
   soft, shiny and very wavy.

On Washing
* I try to keep my washings down to once a week as washing hair too frequently can strip it of  
 it's much needed oils, not good for the ends of very long hair. Sometimes however I will wash it twice a
 week if I feel it is needed.

Post Wash
* After washing and letting my hair dry naturally  to a semi dampness (barley wet), I love to
 apply Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner. It's not actually a leave-in but I use it that
 way especially during cold weather months to combat static and smooth the hair cuticle. Camellia oil
is traditionally used by the Japanese. It absorbs rapidly and a closes the hairs cuticles making the hair quite shiny and smooth.

 Between Washes
* In between washes I will occasionally smooth a tiny amount of coconut oil, jojoba oil or Shea
 butter through my hair if it is feeling dry or a bit rough. I also try to do a nightly scalp massage
   which is simply rubbing the tips of the fingers (not finger nails) firmly in a circular motion over
   the entire scalp (can also be done with your oil of choice before washing).
     I like to use a spray leave-in  every day, this is a very good tip I received from JJJLongHair
   and something that seems to work nicely for my own hair. I use an 8oz. spray bottle, and in it I
   pour approximately 4oz. of water, 1 tbsp. each of Natures Gate Lavender & Aloe conditioner
   and Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner, a few drops of 100% pure jojoba oil and I
   shake it up well. I mist my hair with this several times throughout the day.
      Note: This is my own personal recipe that works for me. If you wold like to see JJJ's
                  recipe please go to my "Links" page and visit her webiste.

* Once a month I like to add approximately 2 tbsp. of baking soda to my regular shampoo and
  wash my hair with this. It is good for clarifying the hair and ridding it of any access build up. I
  also make sure I do a good conditioning afterwards which consists of leaving my usual
  conditioner to soak in my hair, under a shower cap, for at least ten minutes and then rinsing.
   This is the way I choose to do it, however you can also buy a clarifying shampoo to do the job.
  I would not recommend clarifying more than twice a month, as it can be drying to the hair!
    I try to measure my hair once a month in order to keep track of it's growth. Often I find that
  that I have gained quite a bit of length in a months time even if I have not noticed any new
  growth just by looking.
    To measure the hair, get a measuring tape (I prefer to use a vinyl one), start from the hair line
  at the highest part of the forehead, stretch the tape over the head and down to the ends of the
  hair. This is your measurement.
  I have found that I get a more accurate reading by measuring my hair while it is soaking wet 
  and stretched by the weight of the water.
  Measuring while the hair is dry can often give you an inaccurate reading.. Example: Say you
  measure you hair on May 1st while the hair is neatly brushed and has been washed only hours
  before. Well when June 1st rolls around you haven't washed your hair for days and you
  have just taken it out of a braid, isn't it a bit wavy now? This would cause the hair to be slightly
  shorter hence not providing you with the true amount of growth you have gained for the month!
  Just and idea:)

                                                                ^         Item Descriptions        ^

                 1. This is a "Horn Comb", it is smooth and good for fighting static.
                            Also very nice to look at:)

                        2. This is a large "No Slip, Grip Claw Clip" that I believe I bought at                              local  grocery store. It is very gentle on my hair, and I mainly                              use it to hold my hair up in the shower on days that I am not

                                                washing it.

This is a very inexpensive comb that I bought at Sally's Beauty Supply.
                            I love it because it has roundish shaped teeth with no rough edges or
                            seams to strip or fray or my hair.

                        4. My "Phillips Classic, Bore Bristle Brush". This is THE ONLY brush that I
                            use. It is good for distributing oils and smoothing my hair. This brush
                            does not cause my hair to become full of static the way that the typical

                                               nylon soft bristle brushes do.

                        5. Another comb quite like the one at #3. It has rounded teeth, and I like to
                            use it after I have already detangled with a wider toothed comb.

                        6. Always try to use the sharpest most high quality scissors that you can 
                           afford to trim your hair. Trimming with dull scissors will likely cause the  
                           hair too split again shortly after the trim.

                        7. I mainly like to use Scuncis or large, metal free, rubber bands in my hair 
                           to  prevent ripping and breakage.


                                                    I prefer to trim my own hair!

     It is my opinion that I know my own hair better than any beautician, therefor I like to   
   keep all of my hair care in my own hands including the trimming.
I believe that I have   
   trimmed my own hair for the past ten or fifteen years, with at least a couple unfortunate  
   visits to a salon. In my experience beauticians always seem to believe that they know 

   what hair style you should have, and how much hair should be cut/ trimmed regardless    
    of what you may ask them to do.

 On Trimming
 * I do a dusting a (tiny amount of hair trimmed from the tips) whenever I begin to see 
  damage at the ends..or about every 6 months. Despite what you may have heard, 
  trimming the ends DOES NOT make the hair grow faster. It does however keep the 

   ends nice, neat and from breaking so that you will gain length more quickly.

 How To Self Trim
* To trim my hair I first make sure that it is well brushed and smoothed out. I then let it lay  
   down my back and reach both arms behind me to finger rake and gather all the hair 

   tightly into a rubber-band ( to prevent unevenness), about three inches from the ends. 
   I bring the whole length around to the front, gather the tips between my pointer and    
   index finger and trim! It's easy asy as that.