A Little About Me

                                            My Favorite Stuff
                                               Food:  Chinese

                                                        Flower:   The Rose

                                                    Hair Style:
  JJJ's Pretzel Bun
                                                                              Color:  Purple
                                                                          Season:   Spring

                                                                        Website:   This one of course;)

                                                      Hangout:   At home with my family.

                                                                   My Hair History              

I was born in a small town in Indiana and raised in Abilene, Tx. Growing up I always
     adored long beautiful hair, and I would always try to convince my Mother to let it grow.  
     So for the majority of my childhood my hair ranged between waist and tail bone
     length. Then as I got older I became a little less interested in the health of my hair. It   
     would stay down and uncombed quite often until my Mother eventually grew tired of
     seeing the hair in my face, so she had my uncle cut it to shoulder length. At first I 
     actually liked the change in my hair, it looked healthier and it had swing. However
     as time went by, I noticed more and more the beautiful long hair of my good friends
     and I began to long for the hair I once owned. At about the age of 12, with my hair
     now at about mid-back length, my Mom once again decided to have my hair cut..only
     this time I received a pixi style cut! This time I was not at all fond of the change as I
     was often mistaken for being a boy. It was awful! So it was at that time that I made
     the decision to always keep my hair long.  So to the best of my knowledge, between
     the age of 12 until now, my hair has been kept considerably long with only small cuts  
     here and there. Mainly it has been kept and maintained at about waist length. It was
     only in the last few years that I have opted to let it grow possibly to it's terminal 
        In March of 2007, with my hair a few inches past Classic length, I began to want  
     something different for my hair. So with the intention of getting my hair cut back to
     waist length, I nervously went to a beautician, however after viciously yanking
     tangles from my hair she announced that she would only be cutting it to tail bone 
     length taking off about 6in. rather than the approximate 10 I had initially wanted.
     Looking back now I am very glad that she only took 6 in., because when I got home
     and looked at my hair in the mirror, I was astonished at how much shorter it was.  
     However it was not the big difference I had been looking for. So needless to say..
     I won't be doing that again anytime soon :) :)