Welcome to my guest book! Feel free to leave a comment with hair care questions, suggestions for my website or even to say hi. Please remember to help me keep this site clean. :) :)



01/11/2008 01:54

Hi, silky princess,

what a luck to be the first one who write into your guestbook. Wish you much luck with your new site. That will be a great place in future :-).

Best Wishes from your longhairguardianangel :-),


01/11/2008 21:18

Thank you so much Helmut..how nice it is to have you as the first one to post:) Thank you

01/13/2008 20:12

GR, keep it growing girl! And soon you will get to JJJ's length! I am much older than you - time marches on - but at one time my wife had long hair. I loved it, but she reached the age where she said very few women keep their hair long!!! Thank goodness for the internet and you LH ladies. I especially admire JJJ and other
"mature" ladies who are not influenced by
some others thoughts! Don't worry, I'm not into the xxx stuff. Just love to view beautiful LH!! Will check back here from time to time! Thanks, DWE

01/16/2008 13:13


01/16/2008 17:59

Hi Gurlie:
I love this cute little site. I can't wait to see your long hair journey. Congrats!

01/17/2008 20:23

Hi Gyspy, The site is looking great girl and the gif's are hot, i like the easy way i can find everything. BTW you photos look gorgeous, your hair is beautiful and thick and healthy, i look forward to seeing your longhair adventure. i will keep checking in to see your updates. keep it growing

01/17/2008 20:29

Thank you I am so glad that you all like my website! It has taken a lot of work. Hopefully there will be much more to look forward to in the future. Hey Ruff thanks for the compliments, you're so kind:)

01/23/2008 11:18

Hi, your site looks great!! You pics are beautiful and I enjoyed reading your hair care and tips. I'll be back for updates.

01/23/2008 14:58

Hi Gypsy! Happy that you made this site for us to follow your longer hair journey! When I started out 3 years ago I was at the identical length as you now! It has been great sharing my hair and encouraging other ladies to grow it and keep it long! I wish you a wonderful long hair journey and you can bet that I will be here to cheer you on and support you! I love your yahoo group too!
You have beautiful hair!

Bye girlfriend!


01/29/2008 20:33

hi GypsyRose,
i want to wish you best of luck with your fun new site. let me know when you get a contribution page set up and i'll toss something into the kitty.

01/31/2008 09:05

Aww..thank you that is very sweet:) I hope you can all join me when I schedule my first Long Hair chat! See you there:)

02/01/2008 02:07

Oooh, just watched your new picture. Really really wonderful. You make my weekend.
Wonderful silky cascades!!!

02/01/2008 18:09

Hello, this is Jerry from LHC. You and your long hair are very beautiful :)
Your website is great and very well done.
Keep up the great job.

02/03/2008 01:09

Hi GypsyRose, Your hair looks a real treasure. It will be great to see you increase your natural wealth. Thanks so much for presenting your photos on the www.

02/05/2008 16:21

Your hair is stunning. I love the photo of your hair thrown over the chair.


02/06/2008 18:26

Hi Gypsy, stopped by to see how thing were going. the site is beautiful, i love the new pic's and your gorgeous hair, looks great. keep up the great work, and keep it growing.

02/07/2008 18:10

Hello everyone! Thank you all for commenting on my site..it is a real treat to log in and be able to read all of your messages. It is your support and encouragement that keeps me striving for longer lengths. Thanks again, LHGR

02/09/2008 19:24

Gypsy Rose,

I absolutely love your hair! I love long brown hair! I have been a good friend of JJ for two years. You are a very beautiful lady!


Nathan Campbell
02/19/2008 07:56

HI Gypsy Rose, I just wanted to say how amazing your chat was the other night. It was truly spectacular and I cant wait for your next one

02/28/2008 07:49

Hi gal,
I love your photos of your beautiful hair. I followed you over here from JJJ's site.
It's nice to have a little variety in hair color like yours. Very natural and beautiful.
Wish you the best in keeping it long and gorgeous!

03/11/2008 11:43

Goldie, I am very happy that you like my hair so well, and I hope it will inspire you to continue growing yours also. You hair and the color is also very beautiful..I was glad to have the chance to see you on cam.

Yes..I need to do another chat very soon. Perhaps this coming weekend will work out.

Hello Max, Welcome to my new website. I hope that you enjoyed browsing the pages.
Thank you for posting on my guest book. I hope to hear from you again sometime.

nathan campbell
03/11/2008 16:57

HI GR, will you send out emails to those on that list if you do decide to chat this weekend?

03/13/2008 07:54

No I do not send out e-mails personally..but if you requested to be added to the list, then Google calendar should send you a notification. Hope to see you at chat! LHGR

03/14/2008 18:31

Hey beautiful girl

TY for a lovely chat your hair is amazing so don't hide it! OR YOURSELF!

Keep in touch honey


Mandy XXX

03/31/2008 14:36

Thought I'd also leave a message as a proof that I visited your site again ;) I enjoyed it very much. The high point of course are those gorgeous pictures! What a nice, long, full hair! Be sure I will be coming back from time to time to check your progress...

04/02/2008 00:14


I joined your yahoo group and i'm still awaiting approval from you..please please let me join :)

04/03/2008 07:40

Thank you Peppyn for stopping in to say hi..I appreciate that. :)

Dman, I am sorry that you were not accepted into the group more quickly, but you are now a member. I hope to hear from you soon.

04/03/2008 15:22

Hi beautiful GypsyRose
A very nice site you have
i love your gorgeus long hair more and more
much hughs Erwin

04/03/2008 20:11

You are so absolutely beautiful! I so love your shiny gorgeosu brown color. I would love to send you lots of pics of my hair too. You are a goddess like JJJ!!


06/23/2008 22:40

I love your website. I am sorry to see that you will be closing your yahoo group. I know how it is being busy with family and normal every day life. Good luck to you and your hair growth!

06/27/2008 13:23

Thanks for sharing the beauty of your hair with us who have a long hair fetish.

Your hair is beautiful!

07/14/2008 06:03

Woow!!! Congratulations to your growthprogress. I know you are able to reach every length you desire with that magic silky stuff :-). Now you opened the door knowing the feeling of all the wonderful steps of unknown superlengths you get in future. The trek to kneelength has began and I hope do my job as LHG at my best. Many new adventures awaits us.

07/23/2008 00:47

Hi Jenna
Your site looks very lovely
Nice to see a woman like you with such long and beautyfull hair
Have a nice week
Hugs from Belgium

08/02/2008 21:08

Hi gypsyrose- u hav lovely hair, how long will it be? how can i be a rapunzel? thanks

Gypsy Rose
08/06/2008 19:51

It is so good to hear from everyone. I am sorry that I have not been here much lately, but as you know, life just gets a little crazy sometimes.
I appreciate all of your comments, and it is so amazing to receive such a lovely comment from a long hair Goddess such as Samantha Craig. Thank you all.

Nik, I am not quite sure how long my hair measures as of now. It's been awhile since I have taken the time to measure, but I hope to do it again very soon. How can you be a Rapunzel? Well I think that depends a lot on your hair type and it's current condition. I don't claim to know everything about growing long hair, and of course everyones hair is different..but maybe reading my hair care section will help you out. Good luck.

09/01/2008 10:58


How is your hair doing? I know you were having some problems with hard water.
Miss seeing you online! Hope all is well.

Bye for now.


Nik Rapunzel
09/19/2008 07:36

any latest length measure? lovely hair gone longer?

Nik Rapunzel

12/12/2008 10:45

Hello! My hair is doing quite well despite having to put up with using that awful well water. It did leave my hair with some damage, but I am working through that. It is currently at thigh length although I haven't taken an exact measurement lattely but that will be coming soon:) LHGR

12/26/2008 09:17

Just wanted to say what beautiful hair you have...How long do you intend to let your hair get? Thanks Rich

01/21/2009 18:07

Hello Rich,
Thank you for the kind compliment:) I don't really have a certain length that I inted to stop letting my hair grow at. Right now I am just enjoying it. LHGR

02/02/2009 15:46

hi there thanks for the coment by youtube
excuse my english i am german .
nice webside jou got.
nice coments and picks klear hehe .
know i love it so long .it falls like a waterfall.hehe hope jou understand me right ;O)

Long Hair GypsyRose
02/17/2009 15:01

I understand you quiet well Klaus, and Thank you for the comment. I feel the same about my hair lately "it falls like a waterfall", and I am happy to say that it continues to flow longer and longer:)

03/08/2009 04:03

Your hair is so healthy and so gorgeous.Wish to thank you for all lvely pics. Do u wear buns sometimes and wondering if could post vid wearing
bun and loose it.
Wish u all the best you are vey attractive and sexy when playin with you hair..but u know that !!!

03/10/2009 19:04

WOW!! what gorgeous long hair u have and a lovely website u have established.. ur hair need appreciation and I dont have words to explaing how beautiful ur hair is... I missed ur 1st chat and I am really looking forward to ur next one i hope its sooner.. please tell about ur chat schedule because i am dying to see ur beautiful hair ... and please dont cut it EVER!! its a gift ...TAKE CARE ...

03/13/2009 09:20

Hi, GR i adore your hair, it's beautiful, you're right it deserves to be seen, and i'm sure it will be even more beautiful if you keep growing it longer and longer, your hair cannot be too long as long as you enjoy it, the experience of growing your hair longer and longer is a wonderful journey, while people are already wondering how you can handle your hair at it's current length (which we can see on youtube, you do very well) you are going to find out how to handle and enjoying even longer hair, imagine, how would it be to have ankle length hair, it's not so far from your present length, but the difference in look and feel will be huge, or even floor length and longer, think of being able to step on your hair, remember the first time you were able to sit on your hair. Every length will have it's own challenges and difficulties, but the idea of having hair so long it would make your current length a sort of short must be interesting. if you keep growing your hair longer it will be at your knees very soon, that would be wonderful, i think, so...

best greetings and happy growing

Long Hair Gypsy Rose
03/21/2009 11:57

Yes I do often wear my hair up in a bun. I have posted several videos on my Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/00GypsyRose00.

I am sorry to hear that you missed my previous chats. However I have not held anymore chats for some time now do to alot of changes, and I am currently not set up to do cam-chats at this time. If anything chances I will be sure to post it here first.

Yes I think it will be a wonderful feeling to have my hair growing longer and longer. Thank you for the encouragment.

Thank you all for posting here:) LHGR

04/11/2009 10:53

Hi! I just wondered over here from the LHC to say that I have serious hair envy!:D That's it!

See you on LHC!

04/15/2009 15:10

Hi GR, wow, I´m really astounded! I haven´t visited your site for some month and now I´ve seen your pic from feb 09. Your hair has grown really longer - compared with the older pics - and looks soo beautifull!! I´ll be wondering, if you let it grow furthermore!
Take care!

07/05/2009 02:03

Hey Gypsy Rose,
Your long hair project is truly showing how beautiful long hair can be. Yours is looking magnificent in 2009. What a treasure you look with it up in a bun!
Thanks for posting an update.

Nik rapunzel
07/05/2009 22:41

any updates & new styles, how will rose in the bun look?

08/13/2009 07:01

Long time since I talked to you. Hope you are doing good and your hair is growing even longer!
Any updated coming? Love your hair!


10/03/2009 18:05

I saw your films at "you tube" and i love it! It's very beautiful hair and so long. It's very nice. I love your long hair very much. Please let it grow much longer !! :-)

Greetings from Nils

10/22/2009 22:23


How about some updates!!!!!!

01/15/2010 02:57

Hi Gypsyrose,
Happy new year
how your lovely hair& longer?
guess mine too gets like your to be a rapunzel

02/10/2010 06:41

I'm from Pakistan. I like ladies with long hair and i have a collection of many long hair photos. I watch your videos on you tube, your hair looking gorgeous. You are really a rapunzel.

ed cullen
04/17/2010 16:00

you're so gorgeous

Steve Miller
04/17/2010 16:04

The first time I saw you I was blown away by you're unnatural almost supernatural beauty. You're Rapunzel like tresses are so gorgeous and silky. You should do videos with some braids and unique buns. I hope you don't mind this little joke- Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your hair. Don't ever chop off you're hair, if you cut you're beautiful locks short the world would be less beautiful without your famous hair. In you're videos you should talk because I'd like to hear you're voice.

07/08/2010 21:52

The fact that you look stunning with your hair up as well as down is remarkable given how incredible your hair looks. My favorite type of hair and you look marvelous. Keep it up

07/16/2010 17:03

Hi Rose,

Few pics with ponytail please?...U've got amazing hair :-)

07/17/2010 14:24

Smokin' hot!!

how about a video with you brushing it!

12/11/2010 16:52


You came up to me in walmart this evening, thanks for sharing your website with me! Look forward to checking it out and your other links.

12/13/2010 07:18

Hello JaCinda! I am so glad that you found me! I was thinking after coming home, " wow that woman probably thought I was crazy!"LOL! Anyway I am so glad to have met you, and your hair is stunning!
I wish I had given you my email address, but of course, I would rather not post it here. If you have a facebook account I would be so happy if you would look me up. I go by Lh Gypsy Rose and also use this name at The Long Hair Community and Untamed Tresses forums(which I am still new too myself). Happy Holidays and I hope to be hearing from you again! :)

08/19/2011 18:38

Hello, miss.

You really are quite pretty, and your hair is... hmmmm what to say that might still be original And polite?
Luscious? heard that one a few times?
Miraculous? in Texas, more than a few?
Inspirational! yes, that's the one.

thanks for being you, in a world full of them.

11/06/2011 23:35

any length update on your lovely hair mine is at almost nkee length Nik

10/14/2012 22:07

kudos! A trustworthy blog, thanks for putting an effort to publish this information. very informative and does exactly what it sets out to do. thumbs up! :)

Joseph Aidan


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